Where We Work

We are a truly global agency, driven by ten hubs across the world. These hubs not only deliver projects, but offer expertise, support and innovation for youth and partners around the world, wherever they are based. Restless Development has been working with young people since 1985 and our work is led by thousands of young people every year. 

In India more than 235 million people are 15-25. Our young volunteers work to increase knowledge of diverse livelihood options, awareness of diseases such as malaria and harmful practices like child marriage through community events and campaigns.

58% of the population in Nepal is under 25. Around 60% of girls get married before reaching 18 and among a quarter of them become mothers. It is common in rural areas for girls to be out of education and unaware of their rights. We reach out to young people both in and out of schools to raise increase knowledge of girls rights and the implications of early marriage and pregnancy.

South Africa
Young people make up 42% of South Africa's population. We operate from the Eastern Cape, one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. Volunteers run sessions on careers and life skills workshops, safe sexual and reproductive health and rights practices, and awareness-raising sessions on livelihood opportunities and support available to them.

The youth population, aged 15-35, comprises one third of the population of Sierra Leone. Approximately 70% of youth are underemployed or unemployed and an estimated 800,000 youth today are actively searching for employment. During the Ebola outbreak over 1,800 of our young volunteers worked in communities to spread health awareness about the virus. In the aftermath of Ebola our young volunteers and now helping rebuild their country, training other young people to start their own businesses.

Two thirds of Tanzania is aged under 25. There are currently 900,000 young people entering the job market every year, with only 4% successfully completing secondary level education. Restless Development volunteers identify, build and strengthen informal out of school groups of young people, especially vulnerable girls who are often excluded from enterprise development.

Young people make up over 70% of the population. There is an increasing prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, particularly in the areas we work in. We reach in school and out of school youth as well as influencers in the community to raise awareness and educate community members to improve their knowledge around their health and rights.

Young people make up 70% of the population, meaning Zambia has the fifth youngest population in the world. There is a higher than average teenage pregnancy rate in rural communities. Volunteers run peer education sessions with in school and out of school youth to increase awareness of the dangers of teenage pregnancy and making sure young people know how and where to access friendly sexual health services.

52% of the population are under 24. This demographic are most at risk of contracting HIV as well as being most affected by high levels of unemployment. Volunteers work in communities to scale up livelihoods for vulnerable young people, as well as taking part in campaigning activities in these communities with a focus on raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health issues with the wider community.

School students in Zimbabwe

30% of young people in the UK regularly volunteer. 1,760 young people from the UK have taken part in the International Citizens Service programme, an overseas volunteering programme which pairs UK volunteers with international volunteers. Our young changemakers in the UK drive our global campaigns, including our Youth Stop AIDS campaign which is run by student groups across the country to end AIDS by 2030.

Our youth activists from all over the world have come to the United Nations to influence policy makers. The USA is a hub for policy making and partnership building, supporting young people around the world. 





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