Youth Power - How?

How does Youth Power work?

Youth Power - the campaign to support Young People and their collective power to turn the Global Goals promises to end poverty, inequality and climate change, into a reality - uses 4 approaches.

Approach 1: Data-driven accountability.

Approach 2: High level advocacy.

Approach 3: National and local campaigns.

Approach 4: Global mobilisation.


1. Data-driven accountability

Over the past year Restless Development has supported 110 Accountability Advocates from across Africa, Asia and Europe to provide young people with the skills, data and networks to hold decision-makers in their country to account for the commitment they have made to achieve the Global Goals. We are expanding this model so that even more young people can lead their own monitoring work, and play a vital role in ensuring the Goals are implemented in their entirety and that no-one is left behind.

2. High level advocacy

We will continue to make the case for youth-led accountability during key moments such as the High Level Political Forum - as well as at national level - urging decision makers to meaningfully include young people in the monitoring and follow up and review mechanisms of the Global Goals.

3. National and local campaigns

Youth-led and youth-focused organisations across the world are designing and leading their own Youth Power campaigns, adapted to their local and national contexts. These organisations will be supported in the design and implementation of their campaigns by the global Youth Power Hub, led by Restless Development. 

4. Global mobilisation

At key moments throughout the year (e.g International Youth Day), we will mobilise all Youth Power partner organisations and Youth Champions to take collective action.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.