What is the Youth Collective?

Restless Development is building the Youth Collective, a growing movement of people and organisations committed to young people leading change.

If we unleash the power of young people to change our world, every generation will benefit. There are more young people in the world than ever before. We are in an era of Peak Youth, where the fastest rising youth populations are in developing countries. This is a historic opportunity - the time for young people to lead is now.

The Youth Collective will connect young people, youth organisations and partners in youth-led development across the world to inform and collaborate on our global shared priorities. Together we will unleash the power of youth-led change on a far bigger scale than we could achieve by ourselves.

The Youth Collective brings together:

Young people: Leaders and Changemakers around the world
Youth-led: Organisations, Movements and Networks
Partners: Companies, NGOs, Government, Development Partners and Individuals

Join The Youth Collective

If you represent an organisation, please share this opportunity with young people that you work with, youth organisations and movements.

As part of the Youth Collective, you will have access to opportunities such as those listed below.

If you’re a young changemaker, you can volunteer in communities around the world on Restless ICS. If you live in the UK find out more and sign up here. If you live outside of the UK, please contact our Hubs directly. Visit this page and click on the relevant country to find their contact details.

If you’re a youth-led organisation, each year we run training for organisations as part of our work with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation. We’ll keep you informed when you can apply to take part.

If you’re an organisation that wants to work with young people, the Youth Collective can connect you with youth panels to help make sure your work meaningfully engages young people, as the Danish Government did during a review of its work with youth.

Who are Changemakers?

Young people are leading change in all contexts. From leading the response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone to mobilising globally around the Sustainable Development Goals, this generation is more active, informed, globally connected, and involved than ever before. The Youth Collective enables young people to pool ideas, opportunities, resources in meaningful and tangible ways. It also strengthens the growing community of young active citizens.

Whether it’s taking action, learning from others, sharing campaigns, strengthening youth-led organisations, or responding at scale to some or the world’s biggest challenges, the Youth Collective creates pathways and opportunities for young changemakers to connect globally, bridge geographic and social divides and amplify youth priorities and their voices.

Partners for Youth-led Change

A wide range of individuals, government departments, companies, partner NGOs, campaigns and associates will champion and support youth-led change as members of the Youth Collective. From sharing best practice, opportunities and infrastructure to raising funds as individuals and creating partnerships as organisations, the Youth Collective brings partners together to catalyse change and support young-changemakers.

How does The Youth Collective work?

As part of The Youth Collective, we are building:

Platforms provide opportunities for young people to be changemakers, including opportunities to lead change, volunteer, train, mentor, fundraise and campaign. These opportunities are in local communities as well as working regionally and globally, connecting a community of young people leading change around the world.

Coalitions bring together youth-led organisations and partners for youth-led change, including government, companies, international organisations, and research institutions. Coalitions provide opportunities and support to smaller youth-led organisations, and opportunities to invest in the scope, scale and impact that youth-led change offers.

Labs create, connect and catalyse learning and sharing of knowledge and insight, toolkits and resources, evidence and research on youth-led change. Both online and offline, labs take diverse formats including youth resource centres, public youth-decide events, televised youth debates, online platforms and actions labs to share insight and drive innovation.

If you’d like to speak to someone about The Youth Collective, please email collective@restlessdevelopment.org

Download the Youth Collective PDF.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.