UNite with us this International Youth Day

We know our world faces huge challenges. Leaders are dividing, citizens are being ignored, inequality is increasing, and our chance of ending poverty and climate change is under threat. But young people aren’t about to let that happen.

Everywhere, we are uniting. We are the largest youth population in history. We already have answers to so many of the world’s problems, and we’re not afraid to fight for them.

We are connected, organised, passionate and hopeful. We are agents of change, standing in solidarity and working together, across borders and across communities. We are a collective that wants to create a better world for everyone.

Will you join our Global Action?

This International Youth Day, we are bringing together young people, youth organisations and partners in youth-led development ready to change the world.

This is the start of building the Youth Collective. If you haven’t already filled in the pop up form, you can sign up using the form below.

We will be connecting with you to provide opportunities to engage, to collaborate and inform our global shared priorities. Together we will unleash the power of youth-led change on a far bigger scale than we could achieve by ourselves.

If you represent an organisation, please share this opportunity with young people that you work with, youth organisations and movements.

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How can we unleash the power of young people?


Celebrate Youth Day 

Around the world, young people and organisations are showing their Youth Power by hosting events and actions to mark International Youth Day. Find out what's been happening around the world by following #YouthPower.

We are the Youth Collective. If you believe in the power of young people, join our movement.